LG OLED Lets You Create Meaningful Experiences at Home

LG OLED Lets You Create Meaningful Experiences at Home

A lot of things we’ve taken for granted before have fundamentally changed. Simple dinner and movie dates with loved ones, as well as large family get-togethers during weekends are now a thing of the past. These seemingly simple things play an important role in building and fostering relationships and experiences. As the dust settles in the new normal, making the most out of staying at home and being socially distant is integral. After all, this is still one of the simplest and most effective ways one can help in stopping the spread of the virus. 

The feeling of bonding with loved ones, whether with partners or family, doesn’t have to stop even when you’re staying at home. Fancy dinners can be cooked from scratch or ordered in. You can set the mood with romantic music and dim lights. For the complete experience, LG has you covered with their OLED CX TV. 

LG OLED TV is unique thanks to its self-lit technology. Over 100 million self-lit sub-pixels come together to deliver the next level of TV. Each of the pixels work independently to emit their own light. This allows for perfect black levels, outstanding colors, infinite contrast, and the sharpest details which ultimately uncovers all the details in darker scenes. It delivers a sense of realism that’s unparalleled and perfect for any genre. Have fun during date nights with feel-good rom-coms or spine-tingling horror flicks that pop right out of the screen. 

Working hand-in-hand with LG’s self-lit pixel technology is the most advanced HDR solution, Dolby Vision IQ, the latest upgrade from Dolby Vision. LG OLED TVs — together with the intelligent Dolby Vision IQ — deliver uniform brightness and sharpness, regardless of the ambient environment or content genre. This is combined with Dolby Atmos, the object-based surround sound system that redefines your audio experience. Whether you’re streaming the latest K-Drama or watching the big game with the whole family, everyone is assured of seeing the highest image quality possible.

One of the biggest innovations that LG’s new OLED TV has to offer is its Filmmaker Mode. The new feature disables effects like motion smoothing and image sharpening, and preserves original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates to closely match the vision of the director. Filmmaker mode translates a director’s cinematic vision to your TV with automatic picture and processor settings which brings true authenticity. It guarantees everything you see and hear the way the director intended it, which is perfect for movie buffs and even casual viewers. You can watch a true cinematic experience at home, minus the noisy people and overpriced popcorn.

LG OLED CX’s Eye Comfort Display lets you binge watch for hours without risk of eye strain. LG’s industry leading OLED TV technology received in 2020 an Eye Comfort Display certification from TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in independent inspection services. The certification is comprised of three key qualifications for eye-comfort standards, including such “common concerns” as: blue light content, flicker, and high-quality imaging. 

Even when you’re staying at home, relationships can be brought closer. LG’s OLED technology lets you emulate a true cinematic experience at the comfort and safety of your own home. LG OLED CX TVs are available in LG’s flagship store in Lazada as well as other authorized LG dealers. Experience LG’s best TV yet with more affordable, marked-down prices. The OLED 55CX is discounted from 129,990 to 109,990, the OLED 65CX from 189,990 to 159,990, and the OLED 65GX from 219,990 to 189,990. 

Watch LG’s OLED CX TV in action on February 19, Friday at 11:30AM – event exclusively at LG’s official Lazada page and LG’s official Facebook page. As a special treat for this online event, the LG OLED CX55 will have an additional 10% off, bringing the price down to 98,991.00. Each CX55 order will come with free shipping as well. The special promotion will run from February 19 – 28 because Life’s Good When You Shop Now.

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