How One Earth Organics helps Pinays conquer beauty woes

How One Earth Organics helps Pinays conquer beauty woes

It’s a victory for Filipinas to have local brands competing with long-established names in the beauty market. To thrive in this highly competitive industry, one must not only have the right products and placements—it is passion that will take a brand to the hearts of its consumers and partners. 

A brand that’s ahead of the pack is One Earth Organics (OEO), a homegrown company of all-natural skin and personal care products made with the Filipina in mind. OEO’s beauty line is not only healthy for the skin, but for the environment too as it doesn’t use artificial chemicals or animal testing. 

Since launching in 2013, OEO has sold over a million Underarm Therapy sets, a testament to its products’ efficacy in helping women resolve abashing, albeit common, skin and beauty concerns. What has propelled the company to such success? 

Finding the natural solution

OEO is the brainchild of a woman who’s had her fair share of insecurities. “I had underarm problems, specifically discoloration and chicken skin, after I gave birth and used chemical-based deodorants. I also have sensitive skin due to psoriasis, which have made it difficult for me to find the right skin care products,” recalled Tyff Short, founder of One Earth Organics. These problems prompted her to look for plant-based ingredients that could reduce adverse reactions on the skin.

What started as a solution for Tyff became the foundation of her very own organic beauty brand. Her personal experience resounds with that of Filipinas on the hunt for truly effective products for skin concerns, including those that can be too embarrassing to admit. 

In fact, OEO’s first and best-selling product is its Underarm Therapy Set, which includes the Antibacterial and Whitening Deo Spray, Underarm Deep Whitening Cream, and Healthy Glow Booster Serum. Each product delivers immediate and long-lasting results. Its formulation soothes the skin so that even after shaving, waxing, or plucking, chicken skin can be avoided. It also ensures 48-hour freshness. 

“Investing in proper underarm care will give you that boost in confidence, which shows in as simple as being able to raise your hand in a sleeveless,” Tyff said. And while it is an investment, it doesn’t have to be costly. In its goal to help every Filipina, OEO underscores the value of affordability for its products.  

Furthering women empowerment

One Earth Organics is known for its mission of empowering women by helping them become more confident. With more than a million sales of Underarm Therapy sets, Tyff is on the right track. 

“We’re very proud of this milestone, which we could not have achieved without the help of our valued partners and the customers who’ve trusted a local newcomer in the beauty field,” said Tyff. “We live in a challenging time where self-care has also become more important, and so we promise to continue developing products that will help not only Filipinas, but women all around the world, feel more capable of doing great things.”

OEO’s range of products include soaps, serums, masks, oils, creams, and scrubs that restore and enhance the skin. With purely organic ingredients, its products are deemed safe even for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

One Earth Organics products are available in Watsons, The SM Store, and Beauty Bar, as well as on Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMnl, and through independent distributors. To know more about the One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Complete Set and One Earth Organics, visit

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