Subway’s Flavorful Delights

Subway’s Flavorful Delights

For a limited time offer up to August 31, 2021, Subway’s Flavorful Delights, the New Chicken Mosaic in Spicy BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Cheesesteak will surely bring a whole range of color and excitement for your daily Subway cravings!

For only Php 145 in 6-inch ala carte, enjoy our New Chicken Mosaic in Spicy BBQ Sauce! If you love a bit of heat to bite the back of your throat and a tinge of sweetness to go with the flavor, then this sub is just for you! Also available in footlong for only Php280 and in other carriers like the wrap for Php155.

We also have for only Php 165 in 6-inch ala carte, a delicious mouthwatering steak and cheese sandwich with our Chipotle Cheesesteak! Like any other standard subs which contain American cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, green peppers, red onions and jalapeños, this flavorful sub is dressed with a smoky Chipotle Southwest sauce on top of a freshly baked crunch bread. It’s full-filling as a sandwich. Also available in footlong for only Php320 and in other carriers like the wrap for Php175..

And to make it a meal with a 16oz drink and a cookie, enjoy the New Chicken Mosaic in Spicy BBQ sauce and the Chipotle Cheesesteak for an add-on price of Php70 in all sizes and wraps.


As you STAY SAFE AT HOME, you can enjoy your favorite subs and our new Flavorful Delights through FB Messenger ordering for delivery.  Delight yourself and your friends & family with Subway’s delicious and freshly made subs and wraps at the safety and comfort of your homes through delivery via FB Messenger “Botty”.

Also available in other delivery platforms via GrabFood & FoodPanda. 

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