MVP Steers Landco to Help Build a More Resilient Nation

MVP Steers Landco to Help Build a More Resilient Nation

Club Laiya

Aiming for the socio-economic recovery of the nation from the impact of COVID-19, Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP), chairman of the MVP Group of Companies, assuaged uncertainties by strengthening Landco and jumpstarting the tourism industry in order to build a more resilient nation. 

“MVP is not just about profits.  As part of the MVP Group of companies, we feel how much he cares about his employees, the people under his stewardship.  Taking his lead, Landco endeavored to take care of its own.  At the start of the pandemic, there was a public commitment by Landco Top Management to its employees that no one will lose their job.  And we are proud to say that we’ve lived up to that promise,” said Erickson Y. Manzano, President and CEO, Landco.

Landco’s strong workforce reengineered its systems and processes for greater productivity at the onset of the community quarantine.   The company at the same time rationalized and analyzed its budget for cost-efficiency. 

“Our operations team channeled energies to our back office: Title Transfer, Customer Service, Finance, and IT.  We focused on customers and updated them on their titles. We implemented a more efficient enterprise-wide system to replace SAP, and streamlined our operations,” added Manzano. 

While these improvements in operations are essential to the stability of the organization, Landco, known for pioneering landscapes for more than 30 years, continued to offer innovative and exciting concepts for Filipinos to adapt to the new normal. 

Landco introduced its revolutionary concept of Leisure Tourism Estates (LTE). These are master-planned developments with mixed-use residential and commercial lots, situated in the tourist destination of Batangas: 24-hectare Club Laiya and 15-hectare CaSoBē; and Samal Island, Davao. 


Millennial Resorts, operated by Landco, features a wide range of resort amenities that serve as a beacon for tourists in these developments. True to its commitment of developing and keeping local talents, Landco employs and trains locals who are part of the team that ensures that guests will have a pleasant and unforgettable experience at its facilities. 

“We support MVP’s thrust in tourism as one of the key drivers in the recovery efforts of the country, “stated Patrick C. Gregorio, Senior Consultant for Hospitality and Tourism, Landco. 

“On the operations front, we got our Resort and Staycation Certifications from the Department of Tourism during the pandemic.  We offered our Crusoe Cabins for those who wanted to work from the beach, and with that, we were able to keep our whole team employed throughout the pandemic, 90% of whom live in the Batangas community where Crusoe is located,” cited Manzano.

Millennial Resorts also offers unconventional accommodations of the surreal capsule-like rooms of Cocoons and water amenities such as Aquaria, a water park with a three-storey pool slide at CaSoBē and the Beach Club at Club Laiya. Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar provides a chic and casual dining experience. 

With the leadership of Pangilinan on long-term sustainability program for a better nation, Lando’s LTEs Club Laiya and CaSoBe are both LEED registered. Millennial Resorts will soon acquire EDGE Certification, a Sustainability Certification from the International Finance Corp of the World Bank by the end of 2021.

Landco is a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Corporation. For more information about Landco and LTEs: Club Laiya and CaSoBē, visit or FB page @LandcoPacificCorporation

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