Take Organique Acai Premium Blend to Help Recover Faster from Long COVID

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and the many variants of the disease, it can be easy to feel lost and confused on what warning signs to look out for. Especially in this cold or amihan season, it can even be difficult to differentiate COVID symptoms from the flu! Our protection begins with knowledge— we need to remain cautious and aware of the conditions that can happen while we are sick with COVID. However, we must also understand that recovery is not as simple; long COVID, or Post-COVID Syndrome, a set of conditions that can affect us even after we are declared COVID-free, can negatively impact our health. 

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International SOS Advises on Travel and Health Tips for 2022 Chinese New Year

As we enter the Chinese Year of the Tiger, International SOS urges organizations and their employees to continue to be aware of the potential health risks from the pandemic and measures to reduce that risk. Organizations are also advised to pay particular attention to the psychological health of their employees, especially those who are unable to travel to be with family and friends at this important time of the year.

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