How Artists Can Make Money on Gigz ?   

How Artists Can Make Money on Gigz ?   

People used to say, “You will never make any money as an artist.” Now it’s time to throw away the negativity and pick up some real hope, because in this digital (and pandemic) age, Gigz is changing the game for artists. 

If you’re an artist who’s struggling to replace lost revenue streams in the wake of the current pandemic, 

Gigz may just be the solution you need.  In today’s world, there are more opportunities than ever which allow entertainers (musicians, comedians, etc.) to do what they love and generate a sustainable income. And as long as you’re willing to put in the time and work, you too can reap the incredible rewards of this new age by being creative enough. 

Gigz was founded in 2021, providing an online platform to help entertainers earn by simply uploading their videos or performances. The platform features music, comedy, video podcasts, films, events, and more.  

It operates in a way similar to YouTube except that Gigz has a donation button that allows fans and followers to contribute any amount to support their favorite artists. 

Moreover, entertainers can choose to price their performances for fans to pay and watch anytime on-demand, and on any device.  Additionally, Gigz marketing efforts help raise artists’ profiles and create awareness to allow artists to be discovered globally. Signing up as an Artist is easy on Gigz. Simply log in to the website (, create your account by providing your email address, and assigning a password, and upload a profile photo and profile video – and you are ready to create content and start monetizing!

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