Organique Acai Premium Blend Promotes Women’s Wellness                                          

Organique Acai Premium Blend Promotes Women’s Wellness                                          

This women’s month, we do not only celebrate our wins and achievements, but set some time for ourselves as we recalibrate and think about what it means to be a strong and healthy woman. It’s not only about success in our careers or finances, or about “staying on the grind” and overworking to prove ourselves. It is also just as important that we take care of ourselves and our health, particularly the aspects that are unique to us women! One way we can do this is by taking our Pap Smear or cervical cancer screening regularly. 

The Pap Smear is a test that checks for abnormal growths in the cervix, the lower, narrow end of the uterus. It is primarily done to check for cervical cancer, but it can also detect inflammation and infection in your cervix. Your OB-GYN will use a swab called a cytobrush to collect some cervical cells so that it can be sent to the lab for testing. Since the process can feel a bit embarrassing, especially since it involves your private parts, it is important that you feel relaxed and trust your OB-GYN. Don’t worry, the process is very quick and will not be painful as you are relaxed.

According to Dr. Michelle Dado, an OB GYN from De Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital, women should start taking a Pap Smear once they turn 20 or 21, even if they aren’t sexually active. This is because while 95% of cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), other factors, such as smoking and HIV infection, can come into play and increase your risk for cervical cancer. In fact, just because you have HPV doesn’t mean that you will have cervical cancer. Thus, Dr. Dado recommends that you take a Pap smear test once a year if you are not sexually active, and every 6 months if you are. 

It’s best to have all bases covered when it comes to maintaining your health and wellness. While not all abnormal cells are precancerous growths, and not all precancerous growths lead to cancer, it is still important to take a Pap Smear regularly, since precancerous growths may develop in between tests. Early detection also makes it easier to treat and cure cervical cancer. Alongside your regular checkups, it’s also vital to have a healthy lifestyle. First, get vaccinated for HPV. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking and try to squeeze in some physical activity such as jogging or yoga. Pay attention as well to your diet, and try to replace junk foods with healthier foods, particularly those rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids. You may want to consider eating more spinach, carrots, and squash. 

To help provide more protection against cancer and other illnesses, Dr. Dado also recommends Organique Acai Premium Blend. It is a food supplement rich in antioxidants and vitamins and can be taken once a day before breakfast. It can also help stabilize free radicals, molecules in your body that can increase your risk of illness.

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