Feel Radiantly Beautiful this Summer with NÜA Organics

Feel Radiantly Beautiful this Summer with NÜA Organics

After months in isolation, this summer 2022, women from across the country will now experience the real glow of this season to witness the true beauty of the tropical sun! Healthy-looking skin will be the perfect, go-to look for every Filipina who is very excited to hit the beach, explore the countryside, or simply feel confident in a pool party. Read further to know how you can show off your summer radiant glow with NÜA Organics! 

To let your skin shine and glow, remember that less is more! While we may think that makeup is all there is to beauty, we need to take care of our skin, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and exercise! Taking care of our skin this summertime is more essential than covering it up. So, lather it up with nature’s best-kept secret found in NÜA Organics and let the radiance of your skin reveal your true beauty. NÜA’s products contain cupuaçu, a native fruit from Brazil that can give intense moisture to the skin and improves skin’s elasticity and firmness. It also has extra premium virgin coconut oil that hydrates and helps protect the skin.

As the world begins to open up this summer, let’s enjoy the moment, look for ways to maximize our summer glow, and enhance it with NÜA Organics to reveal the best version of yourself, the radiantly beautiful new you. 

For inquiries and orders, visit www.nua-organics.com or visit our Facebook and Instagram @nuaorganicsph. We are also available on Lazada, S&R and Southstar Drug.

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