Rustan’s always makes sure to help each family member lead a happy and comfortable life—from infancy all the way to senior adulthood. Progressing from one life stage to another is just part of the beauty of living but making each season count is a responsibility that demands the most reliable items from high-quality brands. Discover Rustan’s finest offerings including skincare, haircare, fragrance, apparel, grooming, and gadgets for men, women, and children of all ages.

For infants and toddlers: The adventure begins

Every parent has a vision of what a good life for their child is like. Rustan’s takes part in turning that vision into reality by offering a wide range of product solutions starting from infant age. 

In ensuring good hygienic practice for babies, moms can depend on Cycles mild laundry detergentthat’s clinically proven to be hypoallergenic and safe on baby’s skin. The brand also offers anti-mosquito patches and premium water wipes formulated for babies’ sensitive skin. In addition, Sacred’s newborn cleanser is an all-natural face and body wash that guarantees baby-safe baths.

Support fun outdoor adventures as toddlers grow more active in exploring the world. Make feeding time easy and breezy with Kidsme travel easy set and food grinder. Oxo tot offers an on-the-go drying rack with a bottle brush that can aid you in a quick baby bottle wash while outside the house. Bring the Nuk teether, soother, and learner bottle to assure a happy, tantrum-free kid. As playtime sometimes gets rough, Organic Baby Wipes’ disinfectant wipes are a mother’s ally to instantly disinfect and sanitize with natural ingredients that are gentle on baby’s skin and safe for the environment.

For kids: The exploration continues

Every growing child’s playtime is best coupled with toys and gadgets that support their learning needs. MyFirst brings you the ultimate 3G smart WatchPhone designed for modern kids. Unleash your child’s creativity with the digital sketch pad or the dual-lens Camera 3 and help them share their perspective of the world. Teach your little one the importance of time in a fun way through Leapfrog’s Blue’s Clues-designed clock and watch. Finally, TY provides a cute and fluffy playtime companion with a bunch of plush toys with equally fun names like Binky, Bitsy, and Noodles. 

Don’t forget to sterilize toys and the surfaces that they touch. Health Guard is every parent’s wireless and portable best friend with products such as the UVC LED sterilization bag, sterilizing wand, and folding UV sterilizer. Guarantee a safer home for the little ones with the brand’s smart toilet sterilizer and portable air purifier that destroy odor-causing germs as they disinfect the area.

For teens: A world of new discovery

Keep up with your childrens’ needs as they grow into teens. Gift your son the perfect grooming tool from Braun, something that they can use for years to come. Introduce them to the Lexon Flip Plus premium alarm clock, the perfect bedside companion to wake them up after a long night of school work and activities. 

For young adults: Fresh off College but where to next?

Besides a nice countenance, a presentable outside appearance is also vital for those seeking to land a new job.  Make that first impression count with a nice pop of color. Give Allena shaggy bag and hammock necklace a try. Continue to keep the confidence while dressed in the best mixed and matched outfits that suit each accessory. Job hunters can also put on nice scents to set the mood. Use Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb with the essence of flowers to emit an unexpected, ultra-feminine, and sensual fragrance.

For professionals: Make a mark in the world

A wardrobe upgrade is a great project to bring out a bolder and more confident self. Be a head-turner and show off that luxurious handcrafted footwear from Fluffe. The brand offers slip-ons that are the ultimate symbol of both comfort and style. Complete your look with Kanebo, one of the leading Japanese producers of high-quality makeup. Go rouge with Kanebo’s layered color eyeshadow and a matching red with pink hues, which gives an elegant, graceful look.

For on-the-road convenience, an iOttie next-generation car mount is the ultimate go-to. Whether going out to chill or to finish an errand, this accessory gives users the ease of mounting their phone to their dashboard within seconds through its patented Easy One Touch mechanism. 

For older adults: Leaving a Legacy

Age gracefully with these products that help radiate a lasting self-love moment that is effective in making a mark. Leave a fresh and floral scent everywhere you go with Giorgio Armani Si perfume. Smell your best with its refreshing fragrance highlighting rosy, fruity, and powdery accords, that is suitable for daily use. Self-love also means taking care of your personal belongings. Make your most-beloved items last longer by using Love My Bags products. Protect your bags, shoes, jewelry, and clothes against harmful humidity, molds, rust, and odor-causing bacteria with its dehumidifier and odor absorber. With these products, you’ll surely create a long-lasting that can be passed on to the next generation.

Rustan’s department store is the family’s premium destination that provides necessities for every life stage.

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