Transport Groups All for NCAP

Transport Groups All for NCAP

A number of transport groups in Metro Manila have come out in support of the No Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP).

One of them is the Taguig transport group, headed by Mr. Ricardo Alde, president of FTI Taguig transport group, which consists of jeepney and bus drivers whose members are more than 100, as well Councilor Nicky Supan, committee leader of Taguig transportation sector.

During the grand opening of WALI second hand cars and auto supply in Panam Village, Taguig City, Councilor Supan reiterated the importance of the lifting of the TRO of NCAP.

“I am proud to say that Taguig is one with the Metro Manila Council in implementing the NCAP. We are one of the first cities to sign and support NCAP because of the benefits it will give to our drivers, which will in turn have a positive effect to the traffic situations as well as the passengers” said Supan. “NCAP is a great deterrent for erring motorists. Ff you are a disciplined driver, like what we are advocating here in the city of Taguig, there is no reason for you to worry” added Supan.

Together with Councilor Supan who voiced out their approval of NCAP are those present during the event that include Enrico Caluen, president of Guadalupe – FTI Jeepney Drivers Association, Conrad Synshioco, LTFRB Liason Officer, Epe Lepasana, Mobility Officer, Sonny Osorio, Chief of Transportation – Taguig and Danilo Canabiral, Chief of Traffic Management Office – Taguig.

Since the issuance of the temporary restraining order (TRO), the technical group, in cooperation with the stakeholders, including the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Metro Manila Council, has already improved the implementation of NCAP. Transportation groups have supported NCAP since day one said that it is a fair, impartial way to enforce traffic laws, as it does not rely on the discretion of traffic enforcers. During the time that it was implemented, studies show that NCAP has helped reduced traffic congestion and improve road safety.

Another group, the transport advocacy group The Passenger Forum (TPF) has been an ardent supporter of NCAP.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “We think NCAP is a first step towards making our roads more friendly towards pedestrians, commuters, and even bicycle riders. In our view, traffic rules are here to protect people and make motorists more responsible. NCAP is a good start for us to move towards the right direction” said Morillo.

Morillo explained that NCAP not only promotes road safety and motorist discipline, it also removes the discretion of traffic enforcers in apprehending drivers who violate traffic laws.

Another important transport group that supports NCAP is the Motorcycle Rights Organization of the Philippines (MROP). In a statement, the MROP said that the NCAP is a “necessary step” to improve road safety to have added protection for motorcyclists. MROP acknowledge that before the TRO, NCAP has helped reduce the number of motorcycle-related accidents.

If the NCAP will be implemented in the coming months, this will be a welcome development for all motorists and stakeholders with Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announcing the use of body-worn cameras while apprehending traffic violators. MMDA Chairman Artes strongly believes that this will be the perfect combination to prevent incidents of bribery and extortion.

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