MG Wows Filipino Motorists and Enthusiasts with Impressive Lineup at MIAS 2024

MG Wows Filipino Motorists and Enthusiasts with Impressive Lineup at MIAS 2024

MG in the Philippines opens this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) with a stunning lineup of 12 cars, including four groundbreaking, innovative, and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) offerings. 

MG asserted its dominance at MIAS with a varied car lineup that was the most out of any manufacturer present at the event, reinforcing its commitment to make a bigger splash in the Philippine auto scene moving forward.

“With the biggest and most diverse roster of cars suited for every kind of Filipino motorist, MG is ready to be the Philippines’ top choice for mobility,” said Felix Jiang, MG Philippines president. “Our showing at this year’s MIAS reinforces exactly what we bring to the table.”

Charging into a future of EVs

Leading MG’s charge towards a sustainable electric future is the ZS EV and the MG4 XPOWER.

The sleek ZS EV is a futuristic electric version of the MG ZS compact crossover SUV, the brand’s best-selling nameplate in the Philippines. The ZS EV comes with a powerful 130kW electric motor and 51kWh battery that enables up to around 320 kilometers of range on a full charge. 

Meanwhile, the MG4 EV XPOWER is a sporty high-performance all-wheel-drive electric hatchback. Its 330kW motor can push 435PS of power and accelerate from 0 to 100kph in around 3.8 seconds and runs on a 64kWh battery.

Turning heads at the event as well is the MG Cyberster, the British-born manufacturer’s first-ever all-electric roadster. The Cyberster packs a 77kwh electric battery and an AWD Dual Motor, making it more than worthy for all kinds of roads. The car is nothing short of stunning, sporting a futuristic interior with a wrap-around triple screen and zero gravity seats packed in a stylish two-door convertible body with a power folding roof. 

After initially teasing the arrival of the sports car in the Philippines with the local leg of the Cyberster World Tour featuring British adventurers the Turner Twins back in March 2024, MG announced that it is now available to Filipino motorists for preorders.

MG is truly dedicated to pushing the future of EVs with even more options. There’s also the MIFA 9 large electric minivan with a 90kwH battery. This seven-seater luxury van is extremely spacious and comfortable while also being stylish and cutting-edge with high-tech features and inclusions, such as a touch-enabled infotainment system.

More innovative choices

Beyond MG’s EV offerings, the brand also has other futuristic vehicles it previewed at MIAS.

There’s the versatile MG3, the freshest addition to MG’s lineup. This compact city hatchback strikes a perfect balance between style, performance, and functionality, making it ideal for first-time car owners looking for a trustworthy choice on the road. The MG3 will also be the first hybrid electric vehicle in its Philippine lineup, upholding the brand’s legacy of designing truly future-forward cars. 

Meanwhile, the MG ONE, launched back in February 2024, was also present in its MIAS roster. The sleek and sporty compact crossover SUV is the first-ever car designed using MG’s SIGMA architecture platform, which manages to maximize the usage of its interior space to pack in more features.

Meanwhile, MG’s other ICE offerings round out its lineup at MIAS 2024. There’s the MG7 sports sedan, a ride with a luxury and premium feel that doesn’t spare performance. It comes with a 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that pushes 261 PS. 

The brand also catered to SUV enthusiasts with the RX9. The RX9 runs on a 2.0L engine that pushes 234 PS of power, and is fully equipped with the manufacturer’s latest features as well.

Part of its lineup as well was the G50 MPV, a make with an impressive stature that goes up to an eight-seater configuration. In addition to state of the art features such as a 12-inch infotainment system, automatic climate control, and wireless charging, it runs on a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that gives 169 PS of power.

In addition to all these, MG also showcased the MG5 sedan and the ZS as part of its impressive MIAS lineup of local bestsellers.

The MG booth can be found at the SMX Convention Center leg of MIAS 2024 from April 4 to 7, 2024.

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