Ride to a sustainable future: Why the hybrid car delivers more value

Sustainable lifestyle is the catchphrase these days. As the effects of global warming hit close to home, more people are recycling, reducing waste and using eco-friendly products. In the Philippines, a study conducted by Kantar revealed that 75 percent of Filipinos are actively seeking alternative solutions to help save the environment[ 75% of Filipino Consumers Seek Eco-Friendly Brands].

Adulting in a Pandemic 101

The global pandemic has caught everyone off-guard. While health and safety remains top priority, staying afloat may be the biggest challenge of millennials and Gen Zs young lives thus far. With many getting pay cuts or losing jobs, learning to manage personal finances as soon as possible is a large part of adulthood.

Panasonic’s nanoeTM X technology will be in Jaguar Land Rover’s in-vehicle HVAC system in the future

Panasonic confirms that Jaguar Land Rover*1, a luxury automobile brand will use Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology in in-vehicle HVAC systems in the future. Models across the Jaguar range, including the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV, and Land Rover line-up – including the Discovery and Range Rover Evoque – currently offer nanoe™ technology.