PhilHealth unveils new Member Portal

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) recently reintroduced a new online facility in its website to provide registered members with safe, easy and hassle-free access to their own membership and contribution records.

Dubbed “PhilHealth Member Portal,” this new facility can be accessed using smart phones, laptops, tablets or personal computers that have internet connection from the comfort of homes or offices, saving members from time-consuming lines, transportation costs and more importantly from that hazards of contracting COVID-19.

This new facility allows registered members to view and verify the accuracy of the information reflected in their membership profiles such as name, date of birth,address, employer, names of dependents, and other pertinent details. It also allows downloading and printing of Member Data Record (MDR) as well as for those who opt to keep a hard copy on file.

Members needing to update their membership profile may fill-out the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) which can also be downloaded from the website ( or may use their printed MDR indicating therein the correction/s and together with supporting documents must be submitted either via email(clear scanned copy) to the email address to be provided by their respective regional offices or in person at the nearest Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO) for updating.

It also enables members to view their contribution history to see if they are updated with their premiums. Should there be discrepancies or adjustments to be made, members can quickly act in coordination with their concerned employers or with the nearest LHIO.

To access their membership and contribution records, existing members must first register in the Portal using their PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) to create their own user account and password. They should then confirm the account activation sent to their email address. Once their confirmation is received by PhilHealth, they can start using these services in the Portal.

Self-paying individuals may soon avail themselves of an online payment facility using this Portal to pay contributions, anytime, anywhere while ensuring that their payments are credited automatically to their individual accounts.

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