Samsung Digital Appliances Unveils New Innovations for Its 2021 Air Conditioning  Line Up For Safer and Cleaner Indoor Air

Samsung Digital Appliances Unveils New Innovations for Its 2021 Air Conditioning Line Up For Safer and Cleaner Indoor Air

Samsung Digital Appliances introduces its latest Air Conditioner line-up: the Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner, WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM1.0, and WindFree™ 4Way Cassette with Air Purifying Panel. Designed to improve and maintain indoor air quality, these new air conditioning appliances offer timely and highly relevant technologies that can transform home or commercial spaces into cooler and safer spaces efficiently. 

“Air conditioning is no longer a seasonality-based product. With people working and studying from home the need for clean air and durable and energy efficient appliances are now the primary concerns of consumers today. Our new air conditioning units are equipped  with air filters for health and hygiene. The need to be energy efficient along with smart and AI features of this new range will truly provide ease of mind and convenience to our consumers,” says James Jung, President of Samsung Philippines.

Samsung Digital Appliances Window-Type Digital Inverter Air Conditioner

Window-Type Digital Inverter Air Conditioner. Samsung Philippines’ first-ever Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner offers energy savings, fast cooling, and safer air. Its inverter can help save up to 61% on energy by maintaining the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on to avoid sudden spikes in energy usage. This air conditioner even has a Soft Start Mode to prevent unexpected power surges to the unit given the high fluctuation in the Philippines 

Additionally, because of its fast cooling feature, the room becomes cool 15% faster than non-inverter air conditioners. Equipped with the Anti-Bacterial Filter, which has Silver Ion, Vitamin C, and Anti-Mite, this air conditioner aims to reduce bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants.

Samsung Digital Appliances WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM1.0

WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM1.0. By charging ultra-fine particles in the air to effectively attract, capture, and sterilize up to 99% of dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances, the Air Purifier PM 1.0 Filter now works like a built-in air purifier. The WindFree™ cooling feature also maintains a comfortable level of coolness without any harsh draft by dispersing cool air through microholes. 

With the combined power of PM 1.0 Filter and WindFree™ cooling, a safer, cooler, and more comfortable environment is ensured. The unit is also equipped with Air Quality Display, a light indicator that shows how clean the air is in the room to provide ease of mind and convenience to consumers. Good air quality shows a blue light, which is the optimal environment. Meanwhile, a green light means normal air quality, yellow means poor, and red means very poor.

Remotely controlling the air conditioner and monitoring its energy consumption from a smartphone is made possible with the SmartThings App. The unit can even alert the connected smartphone whenever it needs a cleaning.

Samsung Digital Appliances WindFree™ 4Way Cassette

When it comes to maintaining indoor air quality for business spaces, Samsung’s WindFree™ Cassette with Air Purifying Panel units, which are the 4Way and 1Way, can help provide not just complete air purity but also comfort cooling solutions that optimize workflow, enhance productivity, and even lower running costs and energy consumption. With a large cleaning area of up to 157.4 sqm, the Air Purifying panel can clean the air fast and powerfully—ensuring safety and comfort to any commercial and indoor workspace.

Samsung Philippines recently partnered with Rockwell Land in launching Samsung’s WindFree™ 4Way Cassette with Air Purifying Panels across Rockwell Workspaces. This new air conditioning system is the first in the Philippines to use a “Wind Free” technology. Showing the company’s leadership in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology, the Wind Free mode disperses air gently, eliminating uncomfortable drafts and making people comfortably cool without direct wind bothering them.  

The 4Way Cassette with Purifying Panels also features a Motion Detect Sensor* that recognizes the presence of activity in the room. Without any movement in a span of 30 minutes, the unit switches to WindFree mode and then into standby mode when there is no movement detected after an hour, thus significantly reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

“At Samsung, we believe in meaningful innovations that can transform and improve lives. We will continue to keep on introducing smart innovations and technologies that help homes and businesses develop a safer and cleaner space for all,” adds Ramon Medina, Head of Division, Consumer Electronics of Samsung Philippines.

*This function requires an MDS Kit, which is sold separately. 

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