Women at the forefront driving success in Cebu manufacturin

Women at the forefront driving success in Cebu manufacturin

International Women’s Month in the Philippines is a time that celebrates the many roles of women as thinkers, doers, leaders, and forces to be reckoned with no matter what hat they put on. In Cebu, the Queen City of the South, two women have been at the forefront of their companies’ pandemic response in the manufacturing sector, continuing to drive success despite the challenges brought about by the current times.

The manufacturing industry requires skill, a meticulous eye for details, and dedication. These are the exact qualities that Amabel G. Cale, Shipping Manager of high-quality headwear produced by Hatquarter, found in her team that is dominated by women.

She attests that Hatquarter is able to live up to its renowned quality thanks to the women who craft each headwear with utmost detail and precision. “The quality of product that we have maintained for many years now, is thanks to the workmanship of many women in the company,” Cale shared.

Having been with the company since 2014, overseeing Hatquarter’s shipping team in ensuring documentation and import compliance for customers in more than 70 countries, Cale saw firsthand, the unique qualities of ‘girl power’ and how this contributed to delivering quality products.

“(What I observed is that our) women workers’ meticulousness down to the smallest detail has been the biggest factor behind our product excellence. Just by looking at our product, each of them can determine if there is a mishandling happening,” Cale said. 

Empowering women in the workplace

Another manufacturing company echoes the same applaud for its women-led workforce. Corazon Aurora Lynn “Jing” Arcamo, Cebu Distribution Center Manager of TMX Philippines, makers of the world-renowned TIMEX watches, takes pride in her organization that comprises mostly women from senior management to production.

“Women in our organization have been very prominent and outspoken in leading their respective teams and delivering key results. Their patience and attention to detail are traits that enable our products to achieve the highest quality standards. Their detailed and advanced planning skills ensure excellence in daily operational executions and targets achieved,” Arcamo said.

Arcamo emphasized how TMX Philippines realized the importance of inclusivity in making the organization a better place to work. Arcamo, already serving two decades in the company, also shapes guidelines and policies to further promote positivity among its workers.

“My team handles warehousing, production, packaging and shipment operations for local and international distribution, but aside from operational excellence, I also ensure that my workers, mostly women, are empowered to work,” Arcamo shared. “I’m proud that TMX has a heart that listens and feels the sentiments of the population makes the organization a conducive place to work which we even call our second home.”

These top manufacturing companies, both situated in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, cater to the global market, hence the need to adhere to the highest standards of quality and operation as well as to constantly innovate and take their business to the next level, especially amidst the challenges of the pandemic environment.

The perfect match

Both Cale and Arcamo trust UPS for their logistics needs in taking their products global. The partnership is a right match, as it aids them in meeting the demands and satisfaction of their international audience.

Chris Buono, Managing Director of UPS Philippines & Indonesia shared, “During this month of recognising women’s achievements, and indeed, every other day of the year, UPS Philippines is proud to support these women-led teams within Hatquarter and TMX Philippines to uphold the levels of excellence and service quality that they are renown for.” 

Cale shared her ‘special bond’ with UPS, citing its responsive sales team in Cebu. “They always try to keep in touch and introduce solutions that prove helpful in decision making and are beneficial for our company and clients.” 

“During the pandemic, UPS played a vital role in transporting cargo back to our head office in Taiwan despite the limitations under the Enhanced Community Quarantine. We achieved a 100% delivery performance rating for the year 2020 from our customer, thanks to UPS’s remarkable support,” Cale shared.

Arcamo shared about TMX Philippines’ longstanding partnership with UPS and its significant support to the businesses, especially in ensuring prompt shipments and extending flexible assistance to quickly resolve issues when they arise. 

“The nature of our business requires us to receive daily customer orders and have it picked up by UPS almost on the same day to meet shipping cut-off times. UPS has always been there to provide solutions and options, such that our products still arrive at their destinations on time,” Arcamo said.

Buono added “We aim to deliver quality performance for our customers in spite of the ongoing challenges from the pandemic. Their success is our success too. We achieve this by putting our customers like Hatquarter and TMX Philippines first, by being innovation-driven and delivering what matters for their business and their own customers.”

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