Calcium Cee Ambassador Jessy Mendiola Shares Her Secrets To Achieving Stronger Immunity

Calcium Cee Ambassador Jessy Mendiola Shares Her Secrets To Achieving Stronger Immunity

As the country waits for the highly anticipated vaccine to help us combat COVID-19, Filipinos can go further in strengthening their first line of defense, which is their immunity.

Jessy Mendiola, the newest ambassador of Calcium Cee, shares her secrets to being fit and healthy in this time of pandemic. “Firstly, I try to combat the worries and the fears with a more positive mindset,” reveals the young 28-year-old actress. “I make sure to pray every day to nurture a sense of calm and remind myself of His love. And I try to keep myself fit and strong with the right exercise, proper nutrition, and, of course, my daily dose of Calcium Cee.”

As an active individual, Jessy admits that she’s had to make major adjustments to her routines due to the lockdown and has had to find other ways to stay healthy. Today, she stays active by doing more challenging workouts at home and a little weightlifting.

Aside from working out, her secret, Jessy says, to staying fit while in lockdown is complementing her healthy eating with supplements. “Calcium CEE is my choice of vitamin C because it offers double C protection. It has both vitamin C and calcium, which helps fortify my immune system and protects my body from diseases. Also, it helps keep me healthy, energetic, and protected throughout the day!”

Calcium Cee is a unique non-acidic supplement that combines the potent powers of two essential nutrients – calcium and vitamin C.

Calcium – aside from building strong bones and teeth to combat osteoporosis – strengthens the circulatory system. It helps blood vessels and muscles contract, aids in sending messages through the nervous system, and plays an important role in the secretion of hormones and enzymes in the body.

Calcium is great in correcting imbalances, especially hormonal and mineral (phosphate and potassium) imbalances. In women, in particular, calcium is seen to greatly relieve common PMS symptoms such as bloating and mood swings, and helps in weight loss.

Offering greater health benefits, calcium has also been shown to decrease the risk of kidney stones and colon cancer, too.

On the other hand, vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body. It also helps control infections and healing wounds.

“What I like about Calcium Cee is that it is a non-acidic type of vitamin C, which makes it safe and gentle to take even on an empty stomach,” Jessy says. “Plus, it offers the added perk of helping me look younger .  Calcium Cee also helps in achieving a more youthful-looking by boosting collagen formation, repairing key tissues, and easing stress, among other benefits. 

Calcium Cee – compared to other brands in the market – utilizes a non-sodium ascorbate, a healthier form of the vitamin. This is in contract to the majority of vitamin C formulations on the shelves today that use sodium ascorbate, which has high levels of salt that may cause water retention and hypertension.

“If you’re looking for a simple, safe, and gentle means to boost your immunity, try Calcium Cee,” Jessy recommends. “It provides two-for-one benefits of vitamin C and calcium in just one capsule. It’s a powerful and potent combination that can help everyone stay protected.”#CalciumCeeEveryday #StrongandHealthyEveryday

Calcium cee, ascorbic acid is vitamin c in calcium ascorbate form. It is non acidic and non sodium , can be taken in an empty stomach.

Calcium Cee is available at Mercury Drug (  and Watson’s (  Merry mart, All day Green Pharma , Alturas Bohol  and leading drugstores nationwide. For more details, visit Calcium Cee on Facebook: Or call Calcium Cee hotline: 09175642233.

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