SMDC’s Ice Tower Residential Offices: Empowering Enterprise, Enabling Entrepreneurs

SMDC’s Ice Tower Residential Offices: Empowering Enterprise, Enabling Entrepreneurs

Success is an iceberg; what people see is only on the surface,” says Time Magazine writer Alex Altman. Its pinnacle juts out of a vast ocean, yet beneath it, unseen, are things that make it rise gloriously to the top: hard work, sacrifices, discipline, perseverance, rejections, failure and risk. Crystals of small victories and tribulations slowly coalesce and gather momentum, forming an iceberg of success: solid, sturdy, hard-to-break. This success is every entrepreneur’s dream and SMDC is helping to achieve it. 

An environment that enables you to live and work well 

Like an iceberg, SMDC’s ICE Tower Residential-Offices (RESO) is an emblem of every entrepreneur’s success, with its well-thought out sleek, modern living and designated working spaces that are comfortable yet professional: a receptionist area for residential and office use, lounge areas for business and clients, personal spaces designed to harness the use of natural light and ventilation. Fiber optic internet technology makes possible a seamless transition between being a homeowner web-surfing for leisure at night to an entrepreneur hosting an overseas client meeting from your own office during the day. ICE Tower RESO is an unparalleled work/home base that fully complements your work and entrepreneurial lifestyle.

ICE Tower RESO at the MOA Complex provides businesses the opportunity to own a professional address in one of the country’s most dynamic business districts

Access to business services 

At ICE Tower RESO you have quick access to business services that lower your OPEX and CAPEX. With its fully-equipped meeting rooms, a slew of office machines essential to every business, and executive services – secretarial, messengerial, and virtual assistants – you are sure that your daily operations will run efficiently and productively. 

The Central Lobby and interior spaces of the SMDC’s ICE Tower RESO is designed by Plus Architecture, a dynamic design, architecture and master planning firm based in Australia

Access to Leisure, Wellness, and Connection 

Being healthy is a top priority for an entrepreneur. Make time to relieve stress at the end of a busy workday and be in tiptop shape so that you can focus on your success. You can keep your mind sharp and your body fit through a holistic approach to health at the Wellness Hub, then swim laps in the central pool.  Seek some time and space for solitude in the meditation gardens. There you can breathe and rejuvenate. 

The Sky Lounge at ICE Tower RESO is the perfect place to relax, with its views of the dynamic MOA Complex and the Manila Bay Sunset

Professional Collaboration and Ideation

Encourage collaboration to promote team building and productivity at ICE Tower’s Business Hub, which has fully-equipped co-working spaces for all types of business meetings. Its meeting rooms can be used as training rooms, virtual rooms, meeting rooms and ideation rooms. These spaces provide the perfect backdrop for ideas to flourish and for innovation to take place.  Network with like-minded entrepreneurs, or entertain business clients in the upscale business hotel-like ambiance of ICE Tower RESO’s Social Hub. 

The SMDC Business Hub at ICE Tower RESO has meeting rooms, a board room, function halls, and on-demand business support services to address the needs of an entrepreneur

Ease of doing business 

Life at ICE Tower RESO means being where the action is. It is built within a fully-integrated, transit-oriented and highly enterprising location, alongside infrastructure developments that are highly accessible to central business districts. Every resident-entrepreneur is assured that business operations come easy and that all opportunities are at hand. 

Living at SMDC’s ICE Tower RESO means having a business that is free from power outages. With each unit supported by a 100% back-up power system, no brownout will ever interrupt your business. You get to operate smoothly, efficiently and worry-free. 

 Units available at SMDC’s ICE Tower RESO range from 18.60 to 31.16 sq.m.

Convenience like no other

With a commercial strip on the ground floor, you will have easy access to things that matter to you and your business. Get yourself a cup of coffee in the middle of a busy workday, or wine and dine clients at any of the restaurants along the retail strip. Or take a break from office work to sneak in a lunch date with your wife or partner.

These are just some of the essential perks you can enjoy at ICE Tower RESO. 

SMDC’s spaces for success 

By combining the luxury and comforts of a residential development, and the complete functionality and efficiency of a modern office, ICE Tower RESO empowers you, enabling you not just to grow your business but to sustain your well-deserved success, scattering beams of light back to your community, and dreaming to reach even greater heights.

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