Sa Cherry Prepaid May Forever!

Sa Cherry Prepaid May Forever!

Last July 23, Cherry Prepaid launched its first concept store in Imus, Cavite and introduced a revolutionary way of earning income forever. 

Cherry Prepaid started with the objective of letting the Filipino masses experience an affordable digitalized lifestyle through its sulit and affordable Call, Text and Data promos with longer validity back in 2015. Now, the brand is standing by this goal more than ever by launching a partnership, open to all Filipinos who aspire to create means to earn extra profit for themselves and their families.

The country is in the midst of a pandemic which shifted the way every Filipinos live. May of this year, the country reached an estimated 7.7% unemployment rate according to the Philippine Statistics Authority ( This left many Pinoys desperately looking for opportunities to make ends meet. 

With this in mind, Cherry Prepaid is creating a sustainable way for MSMEs and Filipino individuals to earn additional income by becoming Cherry Prepaid Partners. As a Cherry Prepaid Partner, MSMEs or individuals are creating opportunities to earn through seven (7) ways in perpetuity or forever. 

  1. Reload Income: Outright commission in every loading activity for new & existing subscribers directly from the Cherry Prepaid Partner/Distributor’s load wallet. Up to 6% of the load amount sold.
  • Activation Incentives: Incentives coming from every activated SIM Card inclusive of P20 load. When a Cherry Prepaid Partner/Distributor sells a SIM with additional P20 load, the Partner shall receive P5 incentive. 
  • Direct Recurring Income: This is the same with Reload Income though for this, even when the subscriber buys load/promo from any reloading channel apart from Cherry Prepaid, the partner shall receive up to 6% commission.
  • Indirect Recurring Income: Same with Direct Recurring Income but this is when an indirect subscriber buys load/promo from any reloading channel. Indirect subscriber are those who bought and activated SIMs from the sub-distributorship (Premier Neighborhood Center, Neighborhood Center, Sales Advisor) of the Master Distributor.
  • Recruitment Incentive: Income from sub-distributors (Premier Neighborhood Center, Neighborhood Center, Sales Advisor) recruited. Up to 20% of the total investment of the sub-distributors.
  • Sell-In Income: Outright commission or discount on load amount upon purchase from Cherry Prepaid. Up to 3%.
  • SIM Sales Income: Outright commission in every SIM card sold to recruited agents and subscribers.

You can virtually check out the store here:

Be a Cherry Prepaid Partner and start earning today! If you want to know more about the partnership, please visit the Cherry Prepaid concept store at The First Plaza Building, Pasong Buaya II, Imus City, Cavite!

Visit and sign up in the link or call the Cherry Prepaid Partner hotline: 0996-860-0000

For more updates, like and follow Cherry Prepaid in the following social media platforms: 



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