Premier law practitioner Dean Nilo Divina releases commemorative law book with Rex Education to help bar hopefuls

Premier law practitioner Dean Nilo Divina releases commemorative law book with Rex Education to help bar hopefuls

Just in time for bar review season, Atty. Nilo Divina releases Divina on Commercial Law: A Comprehensive Guide (Volumes 1 and 2)—a commemorative law book that celebrates DivinaLaw’s 15th anniversary as one of the biggest and most well-recognized law firms in the country, and serves as a comprehensive reference material to aid aspiring lawyers across country. 

As a premier law practitioner and professor, Atty. Divina created this magnum opus as a way to give back to the law community and guide law hopefuls as they prepare for the upcoming 2020/2021 Bar Examinations in November—a first in Philippine history, held digitally using the Supreme Court’s software, in proctored testing sites across the country.

Divina on Commercial Law includes over 1,000 Supreme Court decisions organized in line with the upcoming Bar Examination Syllabus on Commercial Law, and follows a Q&A format that simulates the test-taking experience.

“I wrote this book in fulfillment of a promise I made to all my students,” said Atty. Divina. “This represents my 30 years of experience in the academe and in the exercise of the law profession. It is basically me asking the questions to my students, to my examinees, to my reviewees. It is as if I am whispering to their ears the words, the answers to the Bar exam questions. It is as if I am lifting them up with a hand because it is a product of love. It is a work of love.”

Rex Education is honored to be the publisher of choice of many legal luminaries, including Atty. Divina, in the spirit of the company’s commitment to championing education and contributing to nation-building.

“Divina on Commercial Law is very dear to our hearts because it is part of our commitment as Rex Education, that we will continue to live up to our avowed mission to champion legal education in our country. Through this much-awaited legal publication, which will certainly help shape this country’s future leaders, we are confident that we will achieve greater contributions to the field of law—para sa bata, para sa bawat mamamayan, at para sa bayan,” said Atty. Dominador Buhain, chairman and president of the Rex Group of Companies.

Praise for the book

Colleagues and esteemed law luminaries have sung many praises for the book, proof of how the material gives justice to Atty. Divina’s expertise on Commercial Law. They also highlighted the efficiency of his scientific and Socratic Q&A approach in the writing of the material, making it the ultimate go-to reference book for students and practitioners of Commercial Law.

“Being a clear showcase of the author’s ability to capture what is basic and vital in Commercial Law, the book in its entirety is thoroughly interesting and instructive. Through a Socratic Q&A style, it presents a wonderful compact survey of the laws on Insurance, Pre-Need Company, Transportation, Business Organizations, Securities, General Banking, and many other fields of Commercial Law. Dean Divina’s discourse gives the readers a glimpse of his mindset and a chance to appreciate and assimilate its wisdom. Significantly, he evokes a web of legal and judicial issues, enough to spend any assiduous reader to his or her study,” said retired Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez, former associate justice of the Supreme Court.

Bar hopefuls will have much to learn and benefit from Divina on Commercial Law, as there was special care put into including recent Bar Exam questions. 

“I take special admiration of the book’s ability to weave the codal provisions and jurisprudence with the author’s annotations and commentaries. This addresses the common challenge students face in approaching the subject—the ability to make the necessary connections and formulate sound conclusions. Moreover, the inclusion of recent Bar exam questions—with sections devoted to defining key terms, rules, and concepts—make this manual a complete guide for the bar reviewee,” said Dean Joan S. Largo, former president of the Philippine Association of Law Schools and assistant vice president for academic affairs at the University of San Carlos.

Availability and launch

Divina on Commercial Law was launched by Atty. Divina and Rex Education on June 25, 2021. The book launch streamed through the Rex Education Facebook page and included a mini bar lecture from Atty. Divina where he discussed the 10 most frequently asked bar questions in Transportation Law and Insurance; 5 key amendments in Corporation Law; the most recent jurisprudence in Intellectual Property, FRIA and AMLA; and salient features of the Philippine Competition and Data Privacy Laws.

If you missed it, you can still watch the launch and lecture at the Rex Education Facebook page.

Divina on Commercial Law comes in 2 volumes and can be bought as a bundle for P1,300 pesos. For a limited time, bundles bought through the Rex E-store will come with a special commemorative bookcase. While in the past, all royalties earned by Atty. Divina’s books were earmarked for scholarships, royalties for Divina on Commercial Law have been waived to make the book more accessible and affordable for all.

The book is now available in Rex Book Stores nationwide or through the Rex E-store at

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