Migration to agile platform supported GCash’s exponential customer growth amid pandemic

Migration to agile platform supported GCash’s exponential customer growth amid pandemic

With the rapid rise of user growth to now more than double the 20 million users back in January 2020, GCash, the leading mobile wallet in the country, continues to provide better experiences for its growing 46 million users as it shifts to an agile operating model that allows scalability and faster product delivery.

GCash also hit an average of over 13 million log-ins per day on the GCash app, peaking at 15 million last June 16, 2021. The leading mobile wallet app has also enlisted 2.5 million merchants so far. 

“We are grateful that millions of Filipinos have trusted us with their hard-earned money on our platform. To continue to build on that trust, we had to ensure scalability, the best customer experience, and enhance our security,” said GCash Chief Technology and Operations Officer Pebbles Sy at the ICTex Innovation Virtual Summit.

“Shifting to the cloud platform allowed us to be more cost-effective. As our transactions continue growing, we were able to keep our per unit cost down at a slower pace,” Sy said. “We have also significantly improved our system response time and our service reliability,” she added.

With this shift, GCash was able to offer an even better customer experience. GCash experienced an improved net promoter score from 63% in Jan 2021 to 75% in March 2021 and downward trend in customer requests, currently at 6%.

Sy added that GCash also continuously develops new solutions centered on meeting the customers’ developing needs. GCash is able to do this through advanced analytics and big data that gives the company greater insights to better understand the customers.

Currently, GCash provides consumers with an easy and secure mode of payment for services like “send money,” or “bank transfer,” and paying bills. Aside from this, GCash customers can also avail of insurance for as low as P39 via GInsure, have easy access to a pre-approved credit line to pay for bills or QR transactions with GCredit, and easily invest in a market fund with GInvest – all on the GCash app. The mobile wallet app also launched GLife, another game-changing app feature wherein users can choose from their favorite brands to eat, shop and play. For businesses, GCash also offers a safe, contactless way to accept payment for their goods through the use of QR codes and P2P platform.

By implementing scalability and an agile model, GCash was able to boost its customer base as it also developed and executed innovative ways to continuously cater to Filipinos’ evolving needs with relevant and safe products and services amid the pandemic and beyond. With this, the leading mobile wallet company is also helping usher in a new era for fintech in the country that’s rooted in the vision of financial inclusion for all Filipinos.

For more information, visit www.gcash.com.

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