MedEthix, JackPharma to Bring Molnupiravir COVID-19 Treatment Pill to PH

MedEthix, JackPharma to Bring Molnupiravir COVID-19 Treatment Pill to PH

COVID-19 cases in the country exceeded 20,000 cases per day in the past weeks as reported by the Department of Health (DOH). Although the number has since been on the decline and the majority of these cases are mild amid vaccination efforts, concerns about health and safety and uncertainty about the future are still palpable. 

MedEthix, a wholly owned Filipino company importing and distributing a wide range of healthcare products established in 2009, is bringing to the country Molnupiravir, the new oral antiviral pill for mild COVID-19 cases. MedEthix is the first importer in the country to secure, on behalf of the first four grantees, the Compassionate Special Permit (CSP) for Molnupiravir. 

Meanwhile, JackPharma Inc., a pharmaceutical company founded in June 2015, will distribute the new drug to frontliners and other healthcare professionals. 

Molnupiravir, developed by Emory University and MSD (Merck), will allow patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms to be treated early in an outpatient setting. MSD has inked voluntary in-licensing deals with Indian pharma manufacturers to supply Molnupiravir to low and middle-income countries, including the Philippines.

As the first local importer to be granted CSP as early asSeptember, MedEthix is likely to be the first to distribute the new drug to Filipinos through its partnerships with hospitals. 

“Living our principle to heal always and in all ways, we at MedEthix are actively looking for ways to help Filipinos have a better chance at fighting the virus. So, we took the chance to apply for a CSP once MSD announced promising initial clinical results for Molnupiravir. We are honored to bring this treatment drug to the country as early as November and we assure Filipinos that we are going to offer the same level of quality as with our other products and services,” shares Monaliza Salian, MedEthix co-founder, president and chief executive officer.

Molnupiravir: What we know so far

Molnupiravir works by introducing copying errors duringviral RNA replication. The drug enters the COVID-19 virus and alters it to become harmless. Even if the virus replicates, it is no longer deadly.

Results of clinical trials sponsored by MSD licensee Aurobindo Pharma in India showed that   81 percent of the 1,200 mild cases taking Molnupiravir had negative RT-PCR results on the fifth day of treatment. This iscompared to 17 percent of cases given only Standard ofCare. All the patients included in the study were treated at home, which lessens the stress of finding a hospital that can accommodate COVID-19 patients.

Molnupiravir comes in a 200mg capsule with arecommended regimen of 800mg to be taken twice daily for 5 days or as prescribed by a physician. It comes in a bottle of 40 capsules, which is the entire dose.

JackPharma is pleased to be part of the alliance as the first to bring Molnupiravir to our healthcarefrontliners and the Filipino patients. With Molnupiravir,the treatment of COVID-19 has shifted — patients cannow be treated at home without the need to go to thehospital,” shares Meny Hernandez, JackPharmapresident.

MedEthix and JackPharma will further discuss howMolnupiravir works in the treatment of mild COVID-19during meetings and webinars with healthcare frontliners scheduled in November.  

For any queries, please contact MedEthix at [email protected] or +632 7373-7777, +63-9690170380 and +63-945 4559829, and JackPharma at [email protected] or +63-917 1685225.

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