Insular Life Good In Life Video and Photo Competition highlights inspiring Filipino values

Insular Life Good In Life Video and Photo Competition highlights inspiring Filipino values

Amateurs, enthusiasts, and seasoned content creators are invited to join Insular Life’s “Good in Life Video and Photo” competition. The aim of the competition is to show that even in the ongoing pandemic, ordinary Filipinos can rise above these difficult challenges.

Guided by the values that we cherish as a people – love of God and country, resiliency, malasakit at pakikipag-kapwa tao – we have shown that in whatever circumstance, there is always “Good In Life.” 

In interpreting the theme – “Good in Life”, creators must express their entries in terms of our cherished Filipino values. 

For the winning videos, the first place will receive P111,000, second place will get P60,000 and third place will collect P40,000. The winning videos will be chosen from a shortlist of 10 finalists. The remaining finalists will receive P5,000 each. All prizes are tax-free. 

The limit of the video competition is 3 minutes maximum length. Each entrant is allowed to submit up to 3 video entries. 

The same theme applies for the “Good In Life” photo competition. The top prize for the photo competition is P30,000, second place is P20,000 and third place is P10,000. Ten finalists will also receive P2,000 each. All prizes are tax free. 

For the photo competition, each entrant may submit up to three entries of photos or a photobook. Each photobook is considered as one entry. Entrants may submit a combination of photos and photobooks. 

The full mechanics for the competition can be found at our company website at or at our official Facebook page at

The deadline for sending entries will be on Nov. 20, at 11:00 PM in time for InLife’s 111th anniversary on Nov. 25, where the winning entries will be announced. 

Through your creativity, let’s show the world that indeed, no matter what happens, there is “Good In Life!” 

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