In support of the government’s campaign to modernize public transportation, FOTON Motor Philippines Inc. (FMPI) has fortified its F-jeepney lineup as part of its heightened efforts to promote national mobility development. Offering no less than 3 classes of modern PUVs, FOTON is ready to deploy dependable transportation solutions all over the country.

“Addressing the fast evolving transportation requirements of our commuters, we matched the technology of our FOTON F-Jeepney series with the needs of the greater public. Our F-Jeepneys are designed to achieve one goal–provide utmost comfort and safety for all its users,” says FMPI President Erroll E. Dueñas.

Compliant with national provisions including Philippine National Standard (PNS) 2126:2017 and 2131:2018, the FOTON F-Jeepneys are packed with modern transportation technology mandated by the government. Each FOTON F-jeepney from Class 1 to 3 is fitted with a CCTV camera system, GPS tracker, automatic fare collection system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a super-cold airconditioning system. Up for the challenge, the FOTON F-jeepney goes beyond these features:

FOTON F-Jeepney F11 – Class 1

Compact and agile, the FOTON F-Jeepney F11 features a highly maneuverable and stylish design. It can easily drive through narrow streets of the metro, while comfortably accommodating up to 11 all-seated passengers on a single trip. The FOTON F-Jeepney F11 produces a maximum torque of 220Nm at 2,000rpm and a maximum power output of 87hp at 3,200rpm. It’s powered by a sturdy and fuel-efficient 2.2L diesel engine mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

In terms of durability, the FOTON F-Jeepney has what it takes to last even through intense daily drives. It’s fortified with a rigid frame structure combined with a high-strength steel plate chassis making the vehicle fit even for cruising rough and rural road conditions. 

FOTON F-Jeepney F24 – Class 2

The Class 2, FOTON F-Jeepney F24 blends spacious interior with tough performance. It runs on the world-famous ISF Cummins diesel engine that has a strong maximum power output of 117hp at 3,200rpm and has a 2,800cc displacement. The FOTON F-Jeepney F24 is capable of accommodating up to 24 passengers and provides extra space for luggage with up to 2.4 tons of payload.

The FOTON F-Jeepney F24 ensures the safety of its passengers with its Brake Clearance Auto Adjust and an Anti-lock braking System, a vital feature for a public utility vehicle.

FOTON F-Jeepney F29 – Class 2

Powered by an even bigger engine, the FOTON F-jeepney F29 boasts a 3.8L ISF Cummins diesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. It loads a bigger number of passengers, capable of accommodating up to 29 commuters within its huge interior and comfortable cushioned seats. Offering leveled up entertainment on the go, F-Jeepney F29 has an LED monitor, and radio with digital music player.

The FOTON F-Jeepney F29 is also equipped with a Pneumatic Assisted Hydraulic Clutch Booster that reduces leg effort needed to disengage the clutch for every gear shift. This enables smooth and jerk-free gear shifts for both passenger and driver comfort.

FOTON F-Jeepney Class 3

The FOTON F-Jeepney Class 3 is the latest and largest among FOTON’s public utility vehicles. Along with heightened engine performance from a stronger ISF 3.8L Cummins diesel engine, it is also upgraded with a front-facing seating structure that has ample legroom for each commuter. The FOTON F-Jeepney Class 3 also has a lift-up cab head for easier engine access and maintenance.

Compliant with global Euro IV emissions standards, the FOTON F-Jeepney is aligned with the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) Administrative Order No. 2015-04 to ensure a more eco-friendly drive.

Trusted by different transport cooperatives from Luzon to Mindanao, FOTON F-jeepneys come with general warranty coverage and quality warranty service easily accessible through FOTON dealerships throughout the country, and now also accessible through the FOTON Mobile App.

For inquiries, call your nearest FOTON dealer or sales hotline at 0999-999-9998. You may also explore and reach FOTON PH on various digital platforms via

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