PhilHealth raises awareness on benefits for women

PhilHealth raises awareness on benefits for women

In line with the observance of the National Women’s Month this March, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) remains committed to the health and well-being of Filipino women through the various benefit packages it offers in partnership with accredited and contracted healthcare providers nationwide.

Citing data from the Philippine Statistics Authority wherein a total of 1,975 or over five maternal deaths per day had been recorded in the country in CY 2020, PhilHealth said this should not be the case if women are given proper care during their pregnancy. 

Under its Maternity Care Package, expecting mothers are entitled to essential health services during antenatal period, labor, normal delivery and immediate post-partum period. Packages are set at P6,500 and P8,000 if availed of in accredited hospitals, and in infirmaries/dispensaries and birthing homes/maternity clinics, respectively, anywhere in the country. The state agency requires at least four pre-natal visits during the course of pregnancy to detect and manage possible danger signs and complications, and to reduce risks of perinatal deaths.

If without the recommended pre-natal services, members are still entitled to packages for normal spontaneous delivery inclusive of postpartum care ranging from P5,000 to P6.500.    

Meanwhile, it pays P19,000 for caesarian section deliveries done in levels 1 to 3 hospitals. 

For some gynecologic conditions, PhilHealth has introduced Z Benefit packages to provide relevant financial risk protection against certain medically and economically catastrophic conditions especially to those who belong to the marginalized sectors of the society. Currently it offers Z Benefits for early stage breast cancer (stage 0 to III-A) amounting P100,000 which is inclusive of surgery and chemotherapy, among others. 

The Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. said that breast cancer is the most common cancer among Filipino women. Three in every 100 Filipino women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime according to PSA and the Department of Health. 

PhilHealth also has a package for women with cervical cancer depending on the treatment modality required. Those needing primary surgery or pelvic cobalt radiation with low dose brachytherapy are entitled to P125,000, while those requiring pelvic radiation using linear accelerator and high dose brachytherapy are covered for P175,000. 

To qualify for the Z Benefit packages, certain selection criteria have been set to ensure high survival rates and better health outcomes. To date, PhilHealth has contracted 19 hospitals for its Z package for breast cancer, and another six hospitals for the cervical cancer package. Patients are adviced to coordinate with the Z Benefit Coordinator of these contracted facilities for guidance.      

The state health insurer also reminded women of the other benefits it offers such as treatment for gynecological disorders such as ovarian cystectomy for P23,300, vaginal hysterectomy for P30,300, dilatation and curettage for P11,000 and mastectomy for P22,000. 

For more information on these packages, you may reach us at the following contact details: Callback Channel: 0917-898-7442 (PHIC); Text “PHICcallback<space>your mobile number or Metro Manila landline<space>details of your concern”

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