Civic Group and Topspot officially launches SDLG E6210F and E7150F – a New Standard in Reliability

Civic Group and Topspot officially launches SDLG E6210F and E7150F – a New Standard in Reliability

In a formal launch, held May 5, 2022, Topspot Heavy Equipment and Shandong Lingong (SDLG) jointly unveiled two new products for the Philippine Market. With the market demand for excavators growing, Topspot and SDLG introduced two models of excavators – the E6210F Crawler excavator and the E7150F Wheeled Excavator – to meet this growth in demand. Each model is designed according to the varying needs of customers in the country, promoting sustainable development of the industry. 

Vice President of Sales at Topspot, Ronald Yao, explains: “with the customers’ continuous need for the more cost-efficient equipment solution in the Philippines. We strived to is to provide viable solution to different working conditions and to be a reliable partner for heavy machinery.”


The E6210F is a 21 Ton Crawler Excavator with a 1.0 cu.m. bucket capacity. It has Tier-3 emission standard that could reduce the contamination and noise and has 6 cylinders and a 123 kilowatt DDE engine to provide the strong power.  It also has 10 working mode and idle speeding function let you handle the different job easily and has a world-class hydraulic component and SDLG control system, allowing the easy operation of the unit.

The E6210F is best used in general construction & road works. It has a very high productivity in gravel and earthwork segment and is a good choice for steep, rough or muddy landscapes as the chain wheel system allows it to balance better on uneven terrain.


The E7150F is a multifunction Wheeled Excavator with a 0.6 cu.m. bucket capacity and has 8 tires. It has a high travel speed of 37.5 kph and a maximum digging force of 97.7 kN and has 6-cylinder engine could provide strong power; a ZF transmission and wet axle, the axle has oil cylinder to reduce the vibration when travelling and can be locked when working.  It’s Dual circle full hydraulic brake, will always keep you safe and it comes with breaker pipes that you can install when you need it.

The E7150F as a Wheel type excavator is more flexible and easier to maneuver. it can be driven from one job site to the other even on road and is best used on asphalt or concrete. In comparison, the crawler type excavators running on tracks are usually carried on a trailer for long-distance travel. In its way, it is much more convenient, and saves more time and cost for the company.


SDLG’s vision to be the customer’s preferred Chinese Brand in the country when it comes to heavy machinery is backed up by their Reliable Machines, but also in Customer Service Support through its new program, SDLG Top Service. Employing three service concepts: Expert, Fast and Care, the aim is to help dealers manage customer demands & concerns on their SDLG Machines.

SDLG continually develops and expands its product and aftermarket portfolio to meet the needs of the developing market, the two new excavators are just the tip of the iceberg of what they offer covering the full range of work environments, offering customers a wide variety of products to meet their needs.

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