Angkas rewards 50 loyal, dedicated bikers with life-changing packages

Angkas rewards 50 loyal, dedicated bikers with life-changing packages

In recognition of its bikers’ loyalty and invaluable contributions to the success of Angkas operations in the country, the moto taxi company awarded last night at least 50 of its riders with life-changing packages that included a house and lot, and brand-new motorcycles. 

Dubbed as Tagumpay Night: Gabi ng Parangal Para sa mga Liga ng Lodi, the event was held at the Blue Leaf Event Pavilion, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

 “Apart from being instrumental in our company’s achievements, Angkas bikers have consistently delivered outstanding services to our customers while making positive impacts in our communities,” said George Royeca, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Angkas.

Royeca further said that the event celebrated Angkas bikers’ exceptional commitment to the industry, unwavering loyalty to the firm’s mission, and relentless pursuit of their own aspirations. 

Other awards were given to the exceptional Angkas bikers were direct deposits into their savings accounts to secure their financial future, scholarship grants to support their children’s educational aspirations, and the cash capital needed to kickstart their chosen entrepreneurial ventures. 

“The bikers remain an integral part of Angkas’s triumphant story, and the celebration served as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to them who embody the extraordinary human spirit propelling our success forward,” Angeline Tham, co-founder of the leading moto taxi in the country, also said. 

According to David Medrana, Angkas Operations manager, the other awards went to the “Rookie of the Year” or the new riders who have demonstrated remarkable dedication and commitment for the long term, “Top 10 Pioneer Bikers”–the experienced riders who have displayed unmatched loyalty to Angkas’ mission over an extended period, “Service Awards”– bikers who consistently provided exceptional service, bringing happiness to valued customers; 

“Angkasosyo Award” and “Pandayan Award”– for bikers who have shown exceptional creativity and excellence in creating a better future for their families, “Pamana Award”–for Angkas bikers who have invested their hard work and effort to secure a brighter future for their children, “Kanlungan Award” and “Arangkada Award”–for top bikers who exhibit an unwavering determination to achieve their dreams, serving as inspiring examples of continuous progress in life.

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