Eastern Communications celebrates 145 Years of High-Tech and High-Touch Services to Filipinos

Eastern Communications celebrates 145 Years of High-Tech and High-Touch Services to Filipinos

Premier telecommunications company, Eastern Communications, welcomes its 145th year anniversary bringing life-changing innovations from households to businesses as the longstanding connectivity and ICT solutions provider in the country. 

Eastern Communications’ Co-Coordinators Atty. Aileen Regio and Vince Tempongko shared that Eastern has been a prevailing telco partner of businesses, organizations, and families since it was founded in 1878. Its 145th milestone anniversary signifies its commitment to uphold its promise to deliver high-tech and high-touch solutions to Filipinos.

“Marking our 145 years of service, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support of our partners and the Ka-Eastern community. This milestone marks our legacy of linking lives—unseen but omnipresent; we experience these links in familial ties, in agreements among businessmen, in the very bond we each have to our country as Filipinos. We are proud to be the link that keeps families and businesses better connected,” said Regio. 

“As pioneers of connectivity, we take pride in building the foundations of the Philippine telecommunications industry. Positioned at the forefront of change, we transform today’s ideas into tomorrow’s realities with our unwavering personalized service. With valued partners, we eagerly anticipate writing the next chapters of Eastern Communications for centuries to come,” expressed Tempongko

Pioneering Advancements 

Eastern Communications was the pioneering connectivity service provider in the country and was commissioned by the Spanish government to provide the country’s first telegraphic services. With this, Eastern helped bridge communications in the early times and foster innovation for flourishing businesses. It also pioneered the first data center in the country and was the first Philippines telecommunications company to receive the ISO 9001:2015 mark for business operations.

Over a century later, it evolved into a company offering business-grade solutions, including Connectivity, Network, Security, Cloud, Data Center, and Business Applications. These recognitions underscore Eastern’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and shaping the country’s digital transformation.

As Eastern Communications celebrates its rich history, it also looks forward to a promising future in 2024, driven by a commitment to progress and a vision for continued excellence.

Delivering Trailblazing Innovations 

Building on its legacy of firsts, Eastern commits to delivering outstanding telco services and has previously expanded its services through the Philippines’ largest submarine cable network—the Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN)—which is a joint infrastructure project with partners Globe Group and Infinivan Inc.

For 2024, Eastern Communications eyes focus on ICT solutions. It will continue to widen its ICT portfolio, including the newly launched CIXA Cybersecurity suite and the DDoS Protection offering in collaboration with Nexusguard (NXG). Additionally, the company supports business operations and remote work through Google Workspace for Enterprise and Education in its latest Business Applications offerings.

Meanwhile, for Eastern’s Cloud and Data offerings, it reinforce its data services by partnering with more data center platforms like Digital Edge, HPE DC Solutions, and ePLDT, to lay the foundation for a more interconnected society.

To mark its achievements and build excitement for its 145th anniversary milestone, Eastern hosted a series of ‘Hats Off’ appreciation night events with its most loyal customers and partners. These events honored the longstanding commitment of its stakeholders, highlighting the joint success of Eastern and its partners and building anticipation for achieving greater heights ahead.

For more information about Eastern Communications’ world-class services, visit eastern.com.ph.

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