Best Home Appliances to Support Healthy Eating Habits

Best Home Appliances to Support Healthy Eating Habits

Preparing your own food and drinks at home is one of the best ways you can do so your family can stay fit and healthy. You can be more mindful about the ingredients you use and you can cook your dishes and make your beverages the healthier way. You can make their preparation easier, too, with the help of Hanabishi Appliances.

Guilt-free with Air Frying

If you want fried but oil-free dishes, Hanabishi’s Air Fryer is your kapartner. You have two options to choose from — the standalone air fryer (available in 3.2 and 7-liter capacities) and the air fryer oven (which has a 23-liter capacity). 

Both the 3.2 and 7-liter air fryers have a cooking setting of 1 to 30 minutes and a non-slip base. The 23-liter air fryer oven, meanwhile, has a 60-minute timer and is large enough to air fry up to 3 lbs of meat, toast 6 slices of bread, and bake a 4-lb chicken or 12” pizza. It is built with pure stainless steel housing and comes with an air fryer basket, baking pan, and oven rack. Its baking rack has a dimension of 320 x 280 mm.

Immune Boosters with the Juicers

Another perfect kapartner to achieving your health and fitness goals is the Hanabishi Slow Juicer. Make fresh and natural juices with this appliance that comes with an 800-mL juice cup and rubbish jar. It is built with a stainless steel housing and has an easy-to-operate on/off switch.

Hanabishi also has a Power Juicer, which extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. It comes with a pulp container and, like the Slow Juicer, is also easy to use, Assemble, and clean.

Steaming Goodness

For your steaming needs, Hanabishi offers a variety of steamers to suit your needs and budget. They’re not only great for personal use, but a good investment for your food business as well. They have steamers that double as rice cookers in different styles and sizes and standalone food steamers available in double and triple layers.

Grilled to Perfection

Hanabishi also has a range of quality grillers. They have standalone grillers available in different styles and sizes, BBQ grillers with hotpots, 2-in1 panini press and grillers, and multi-cooker grillers. Like all Hanabishi products, they are made with quality materials.  

“We always talk about wanting to make healthier food choices but not have having affordable options to purchase. With these products, you can prepare your own healthy dishes and drinks that fit your budget. They are good long-term investments that can even help you start your own food business at home,” said Cherish Ong-Chua, Vice President for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Appliances. 

You can learn more about Hanabishi Appliances’ product offerings through its website and online store, It also has an official flagship store on Lazada. 

To stay updated on its latest product features, events, and promotions, follow its official accounts.

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