Fun new ways to celebrate another at-home Mother’s Day

Fun new ways to celebrate another at-home Mother’s Day

Haven’t decided on what to do this Mother’s Day? That’s okay. With all the restrictions in place, you’re bound to run out of ways to celebrate special occasions in the safety of your home. A movie marathon in your home theater? Been there. Bake chocolate chip cookies? Done that. 

But don’t lose hope. Here are three new things you can do that will be fun for both you and your kids. Bonus: they’ll make you look like a cool mom, too!

Channel your inner star

Have your kids been spending a lot of time on TikTok? Can’t blame them – TikTok has become such a hit among kids and adults alike as a platform with endless entertainment and as a space for self-expression. And what better way to bond with your kids but with the rolling-on-the-floor type of laughter and by dancing like no one’s watching?

Bust a move to the top TikTok hits and let your kids teach you how to throw it back and hit the woah. You can even bring out the actress in you and make a few of those hilarious one-minute skits with your kids. Who knows? You might be a viral momfluencer in the making!

Have some friendly competition

Another place to join them where you can’t beat them is in their favorite video games. Choose your weapon: a thrilling race in Mario Kart, an action-packed shooting match in Call of Duty, or a frenzied team cooking game in Overcooked. Fair warning, though, these games are bound to show your competitive side.

If you want to stay away from screens, there are a lot of fun and modern board games out there for you to try. Check out Good Cop, Bad Cop to hone elimination techniques, Codenames for some challenging wordplay, and Splendor for a bit of financial strategy.

Bring your favorite resto home

Remember when cooking used to be fun and not a chore? Bring it back! Invite everyone to the kitchen and challenge them to recreate their favorite meals from your family’s go-to restaurant – from memory.

It’s a great way for the kids to learn about cooking techniques and kitchen safety, too. And for an even safer cooking experience for the entire family, use only Verified Solane LPG as your kitchen fuel. Don’t forget to take lots of reality versus expectations photos before digging in!

With a bit of creativity, this year’s at-home celebration can still be one that the family will remember for years. So go choose an activity or two with your kids, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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