Filipinas In Shock and Awe of Mystery Plant-Based Hair Products

Filipinas In Shock and Awe of Mystery Plant-Based Hair Products

When it comes to hair care products, there are preconceived notions when people hear “natural.” This has led to naturals being stereotyped as something that’s less effective, something that’s not good enough to meet certain standards when it comes to their hair. So, to break this way of thinking, Sample Room Philippines released mystery plant-powered hair care products for 100 of their members to try it for free. Packaged in a plain bottle with no hints given, here are some of the sentiments of those who tried it.

Multiple participants have commented on how good the products smelled. “For me it actually, smells good I can already smell it without even opening it”. “It’s like a perfume brand, like when you use it, I think matagal siya mag-stay sa hair.” Others have even noticed the difference in color compared to other hair care products. “I think it’s organic or one of those naturals.” “I think it’s paraben free since the consistency is white.”

With expectations set on how the products smelled and looked, some even commented that it may be a salon shampoo. Little do these participants know that the mystery hair wonder they tried is the Herbal Essences bio:renew collection. When the secret was out, the participants were shocked with the amazing results that they experienced. “Hindi ko nahulaan na this was the shampoo I was using when I tried it, I felt like my scalp was really clean, my hair was moisturized and not dry.”

Others have even started to compare Herbal Essences to their current natural haircare routine. “My hair is so smooth, and everything just slides off, my hair clamps. I just switched to natural shampoo but not as smooth as it got when I used Herbal Essences.” 

A participant in the experiment shared how Herbal Essences already made her ditch the products she has been using. “I also have dermatitis, then my dandruff becomes worse. But with Herbal Essences it really helps my scalp to maintain good health. Hindi na ako masyado gumagamit ng purple shampoo since I’ve been using this. Mas may glow yung hair and mas healthy tingnan kaysa with purple shampoo.”

Some household members of the participants even got curious of what was inside of the mysterious bottles. “I’ve been using paraben-free products already since pandemic hit and my hair got so tangled, unlike the shampoo that I’m using now. Pati my mom is asking what the unbranded shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom are, kasi ang ganda din daw ng feels sa kanya.”

Experience the Power of Naturals You Can’t Unfeel

This powerful experience has left a mark on the 100 participants’ senses. Now, it sets the standard for all their haircare moving forward. Once you experience the nourishing power of natural ingredients in Herbal Essences, you can’t go back to anything less.

Herbal Essences believes in ingredients with intent without compromising the results you desire. The Herbal Essences bio:renew collection is paraben-free, silicone-free, and colorant-free. Endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Herbal Essences products are made from real botanicals that takes good care of your hair and Mother Nature.

Just like these 100 participants, you too can let go of your preconceived ideas of natural-based products and switch to a plant-powered haircare with Herbal Essences that gives you the benefit of unfeeling your hair.

Take yourself to the beach in every wash with Herbal Essences’ bio:renew Coconut Milk Shampoo that hydrates strands to make your hair soft and shine. This shampoo has multilayered scents of vibrant coconut, a bouquet of white florals and vanilla that’s sure to transform your typical hair washing day to a tropical one. 

Treat your senses with scents of blue ginger, floral bouquets, and clean musk with the bio:renew Blue Ginger & Micellar shampoo. It will refresh your strands, remove impurities, and make them feel smoother from root to top.  

Experience an extraordinary shower with the Golden Moringa Shampoo crafted with a signature blend of essential antioxidants, and multilayered scents of citrus and coconut water. This will resurrect your tresses, tame frizzy hair, and smoothen each strand.

Surprise yourself with the amazing power of plants in each wash and indulge your senses in something you can’t unfeel when you purchase Herbal Essences through Lazada or Shopee.

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