Care For Your Vagina This Women’s Month with Organique Acai Premium Blend   

Care For Your Vagina This Women’s Month with Organique Acai Premium Blend   

Happy Women’s Month! Even though this is not a regular occasion with parties and confetti, you can celebrate women’s month by recognizing yourself and the achievements of the women around you, both in your life and in history! You can support businesses founded by women or read up online on some notable women in history, such as Kumander Liwayway and Maria Orosa. On a simpler level, you can even show some self-care by checking up on your overall health, including that of your private parts! 

To understand how to take care of your vagina, it’s important to be familiar with the parts involved. First, your vagina—it is a closed muscular canal connected to the cervix. It is where blood and uterine tissue descend during your period, where a baby passes through during childbirth, and where sperm pass through before entering the uterus. Protecting it is the vulva, a group of skin folds consisting of the labia minora and the labia majora. It also *isn’t* where pee passes through when you urinate—that’s the job of your urethra, which is separate from your vagina. 

So even though you may think *that* part is dirty, it actually has its own self-cleaning mechanisms to protect itself (and you!) from infection and other diseases. Just like your stomach, it has healthy bacteria, composed mostly of Lactobacillus, that help maintain its pH level and produce lactic acid to keep harmful bacteria away. This means that you don’t necessarily need good-smelling soaps or body washes to keep your vagina clean. These can disrupt your pH balance and cause itching and irritation. Other methods such as douching, which involves cleaning the inside of your vagina with water and other fluids such as iodine, can backfire and expose you to infection since it cleans out both good and bad bacteria. 

Taking care of your vagina isn’t difficult. If washing your vagina makes you feel cleaner, you can use unscented soap or a mild feminine wash recommended by your OB GYN.  As with any body part, keeping a healthy lifestyle is also a sure way to prevent any health problems. According to studies, diets rich in vitamins and minerals have been associated with a healthier vagina. Eating foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics, such as yogurt, oats, and bananas, can also help increase good bacteria. Also, don’t forget to find healthy coping mechanisms for stress—too much stress, as well as vices such as smoking and drinking, can reduce Lactobacilli and aggravate vaginal infections. 

Organique Acai Premium Blend is your partner in protecting women’s health from top to bottom. Through its healthy mix of Vitamin C, Beta carotene, and antioxidants that can keep your body strong, you can expect your parts down there to be healthy as well!

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