Borzo Philippines shows they got their riders’ backs in the TropaMustahan Courier Forum

Borzo Philippines shows they got their riders’ backs in the TropaMustahan Courier Forum

Borzo Philippines, formerly Mr. Speedy organized the TropaMustahan Courier Forum where they met with Borzo riders from across the country to discuss their concerns and profound solutions for it.  

The forum was split into three segments: the KaTropa survey (Borzo’s regular monthly survey) which reflected on the riders’ current state or situation. From the data gathered, it showed 60% of riders deliver 5-7 times per week and 59% transport 6-10 items each day. According to Fritz Jane Araque, Country Manager of Borzo Philippines, “The results were due to the restrictions implemented in the months when the pandemic was at its worst which caused people to resort to delivery services.”

“The survey also said that 63.4% of our riders make 201-500 pesos per day and 84.4% spend it on food, gas, and maintenance. For this reason, they want to work more hours and deliver more items in order to earn more money. To help with this, we improved Borzo’s Courier Chat Support System to ensure a smooth transaction. As a result of this effort, 87.1% of our riders reported that their issues in their deliveries were fully addressed.” Araque added.

She continued, “Our goal is to improve the satisfaction rate of our riders to more than 90% which we can achieve by coming up with better incentives, offer life and vehicle insurance, fuel discounts, maintenance, merchandise, and more benefits, programs, and other activities to ensure our drivers are happy and feel they’re taken care of.” 

Next in topic was the Survey concerns which basically gave couriers an update with regard to product development, incentive requests, and other concerns raised in the suggestions area of the survey. Action plans were also discussed by Borzo most especially on issues riders were facing as revealed by the survey or raised in the open-letter portion of the material. 

The survey showed that the proportion of riders who have been victims of delivery scams has decreased from 15% to 2%, according to data collected between October 2021 and March 2022. The Borzo security team has apparently developed a client and manual verification measures to ensure that both the rider and the client are safe from scams. Borzo also has a blacklisting activation which permanently removes past orders from customers that have a record of scamming transactions.

With regard to the safety of riders, the details of the Accident Benefits as well as its requirements for it to be claimed were presented. In the event of an accident, a rider will get 25,000 pesos, and in the event of death, 50,000 pesos will be granted to the rider’s family. 

Following that, the topic of oversize/overweight parcels was also discussed. The allowable weight of an item is only up to 20kg, and its maximum dimensions are 20x15x20. If a shipment does not meet these conditions, the rider has the option to cancel the transaction via chat support. In addition, a Mapping System is in place, which allows riders to relocate orders via chat support if the pick-up site is more than 5 kilometers away from their current location. 

According to Araque, “Borzo Philippines is also trying to address other issues such as Double Booking, tollway avoidance, specifying the pick-up and drop-off points, 30-minute delivery, night differential, and bad weather.” These significant concerns are all being studied in order to determine the best course of action for resolving them.”

The last topic discussed in the forum was about on-going reward incentives they have for riders. Basically, the weekly top five riders with the greatest number of deliveries will get recognized and receive special rewards pursuant to their place. Bag discounts and merchandise will also be given to these riders who performed well during the week. 

Also, due to the increase in price of both fuel and rider equipment, Borzo has tapped synergies with well-known businesses such as UniOil, Caltex, SeaOil, FMN Industrial Corp, MT Motortech, Zebra Helmets, and Basti Original Motor Works that all offer discounts of up to 5%.

“This initiative is merely one of the privileges as a Borzo rider,” Ms. Araque stated when questioned about the benefits that Borzo provides its riders. “This one, in particular, allows riders to spend on their requirements, particularly when it comes to their jobs, without having to be extremely frugal.” She added.

She continued, “Borzo Philippines also believes that motivation is the key factor that causes high performance. Thus, the more motivated the riders are, the more their effort can transform into emoluments which can benefit themselves and the company. Which is why together with our fleet team, we have come up, and will continue to develop reward incentives that will keep our riders driven.” 

Borzo Philippines continues to look for new possible alliances who share the same vision as them in supporting and motivating riders in delivering care to every Filipino. 

WATCH: Borzo TropaMustahan Courier Forum, March 2022

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