Victor Consunji Successfully Launches Vie by VCDC

Victor Consunji Successfully Launches Vie by VCDC

The Victor Consunji Development Group is ready for its new chapter and it’s starting with the launch of Vie by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC)

Establishing foundations of minimalism and functionality of comfort, Vie by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) is a property development company that specializes in building configurable luxury homes in expansive environments. The Vie (Life in French) adds value to the modern household by offering an understated yet luxurious lifestyle.

One of the forefront of innovative developments, Vie by VCDC provides families or individuals the best options to support their goals as homeowners and investors. Vie represents a liberation from the concrete jungle, and reintroduction to more natural and spacious environments.

The Vie’s functionally elegant layouts feature natural airflow and ventilation that push the notion of open concept to new heights by creating living spaces that are both breathable and breathtaking. Homeowners get to choose the perfect plots that would allow them to style and create rejuvenated spaces of their own.

To promote sustainability and offer long-lasting benefits, Vie establishes an ethos of furthering modular minimalist architecture with designs that embraces eco-friendly resources. This reduces the carbon footprint not only during construction but throughout continuous habitation. From the meticulous material selection to the flawlessly integrated renewable energy sources, this innovation is a proof of their unmitigated social responsibility to adopt a strategy of responsible growth.

The public had a chance to see the beauty themselves during a successful launch on November 27, 2021. The launch was well attended by members of the media, development partners, VIP guests, and prospective homebuyers.

Growing from regional to global, Vie by VCDC takes pride to their commitment to provide superior quality, progressive sustainability and unpretentious luxury to each development; building homes and a community for an inclusive future. 

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