Vie at Southern Plains: Sustainability Meets Luxury Architecture

Vie at Southern Plains: Sustainability Meets Luxury Architecture

Situated in Calamba, Laguna, Vie at Southern Plains is a Contemporary Village offering residents an urban-rural setting and an unobstructed view of Mt. Makiling that features an integration of nature and minimalist modular architecture. 

The key highlights of the design include a distinct white-wall and high ceiling aspect, breathable spaces, and a focus on embedded sustainability enhancements. From the material selection to the seamlessly integrated rooftop solar, Vie at Southern Plains is at the intersection of cohabitation with nature and upscale living.  

Each villa has its own unique configuration tailored by clients to fit specific preferences; the wide spaces capture a serene setting and illicit an invitation to reside. Vie at Southern Plains is an evolution that closes the gap between luxury and convenient settings, making all your destinations easily accessible, one may not wish to depart. 

Within the grounds of Vie at Southern Plains are three chic clubhouses that offer exceptional standards of elegance and function. Enjoy the amenities of the function halls, lounge areas, and swimming pool at the main clubhouse; perfect for organizing events with family and friends. Stroll around with your kids at the second clubhouse, featuring a children’s playground as its attraction. Keep fit and have fun with the various activities at the fitness park and covered court located at the third clubhouse. 

Vie at Southern Plains allows you to create your dream home and live in the complete comfort of sustainable luxury living for now and for life. 

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